January 2nd, 2013

New Kid Reporter Roman: My Favorite Player

The Seahawks are playing so awesome this season, I find it hard to pick only one player as my favorite. 


My standout player is Marshawn Lynch, because he has run a lot of yards and protects the quarterback by being an outlet for him to quickly pass the ball to. Lynch is amazing at freeing himself from defenders and getting open for the ball from Wilson. This helps the team advance the ball and score points. I am impressed with Lynch also because he likes Skittles, which makes him more relatable and real to me.


The entire team works really hard to not only work on the team atmosphere, but also get out into the community to help inspire kids to be active and healthy.   When I think of the Seahawks and the abilities everyone has, I compare them to my family.  The Seahawks are able to bring together many different styles, ideas and plans - by working together, they are able to excel.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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