September 19th, 2012

New Kid Reporter! My Favorite NFL Player

Hi, my name is Aidan! I have to say that I am so excited to be a new NFLRUSH Kid Reporter, and I’m excited to tell you about my favorite player, Stevie Johnson from the Buffalo Bills.


Stevie Johnson catches a lot of balls and scores a lot of touchdowns! One of my favorite things about football is stats and fantasy football. In 2010, Johnson had 10 touchdowns, 82 receptions and 1,073 yards. In 2011 he had 7 touchdowns, 76 receptions and 1,004 yards. Those stats made him a great player for fantasy football too.


Johnson is also really fast. When I watched him on TV, I thought he was probably the fastest player on the field. Then, last year I got to see him play while I was at a real game, and he really is that fast! It was the Bills' game against the New York Jets, where Johnson had 8 receptions for 75 yards and 1 touchdown.


I know that there are a lot of exciting players out there. Tom Brady, Arian Foster and Calvin Johnson are all good players that a lot of people like, but I think there are plenty of players like Stevie Johnson that are also good. He is a great player, and I think he makes football really fun to watch!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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