January 4th, 2013

New Kid Reporter Jean-Bernard: My Favorite Player

Robert Griffin III (RGIII) is my favorite player in the NFL. This guy has to be the best rookie quarterback who ever played in the NFL. There are three big components that make me love this guy: speed, accuracy, and leadership. 


RGIII has to be one of the fastest quarterbacks in the NFL. If he isn’t, I’m shocked because he runs a stunning 4.41. When I saw that I was stunned to see that he could run that fast. He also gave me a new goal, run a 4.40 or lower.


When someone talks about accuracy, they have to mention RGIII’s name. He’s one of the best in the business. Have you seen him run and throw? I remember some of the passes he threw against Dallas on Thanksgiving 2012 and if he would have threw it 1millimeter off it would have been intercepted. He’ll be in Hall of Fame I can almost guarantee it.


He is the first one to the meeting and the last one out. That’s what I love about him, his leadership. He even gets on the bus first just to fist bump the players. No wonder he has a C on his jersey. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got all stars on his captain jersey.


Now you know who’s my favorite NFL player -- who’s yours?


Jean-Bernard Jr.

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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