January 9th, 2013

New Kid Reporter Evan: My Favorite Player

If you saw my contest writing (or report) you wanted to know who inspired me to eat right. It was Aaron Rodgers, my favorite player. Now I’m going to tell you why.


The reason my favorite player was Aaron is because, he knows the rules of the game and he is smart. He is active, great at throwing, and very athletic. He is a good sport on and off the field and doesn’t fight. That’s who I want to be like.


He has inspired me to try my best while I’m still young to get fit, eat right, and join a football team. Sure some people say he’s bad. He doesn’t care, he still does what he does and plays football the way he likes it.


So let’s go back to 2005. Aaron Rodgers is the first round pick for the Green Bay Packers his college was Cal Berkley. But he still had a long way to go after that. He had to wait two whole years, waiting to show his greatness.


In 2007 he faced his biggest challenge yet, Brett Favre had gone to the Jets. Packers fans were not so happy about it. So in Aaron Rodgers first game every fan in Lambeau field was screaming WE WANT BRETT WE WANT BRETT! Like I said he went out and played football. Then, he showed the Packers fans he was a worthy Quarter Back. That’s how he inspired me to make my mark.


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