January 9th, 2013

New Kid Reporter Brandon: My Favorite Player

Tom Brady is no question one of the greatest quarterbacks today with a strong team behind him. That is why Tom Brady is my favorite quarterback and the New England Patriots are my favorite NFL team.


Tom Brady has came a long way from being a sixth round NFL draft pick and people saying  that he was slow on his feet.  He will never forget that and uses it as motivation. He holds the record for the most touchdowns in a single season and has lead his team to three Super Bowl wins.  


My favorite thing about Tom Brady is how well he plays under pressure. I am a quarterback and I admire that. He also is a great leader, he appreciates his players and he lets them know it. I think that is why the Patriots show great teamwork. They are taught to play multiple roles and Tom Brady uses everyone. They all play hard and never give up, that’s how you should play football.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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