February 12th, 2010

My Top Three Super Bowl XLIV Moments!

Hello Rushers,

Did you enjoy Super Bowl XLIV, between the Saints and Colts? I know for a fact that I did. This Super Bowl was a historic night of football! Not just for the Colts but also for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints won their first Super Bowl ever. During this historic night of football, there were many good moments from plays to commericals. As I relive Super Bowl XLIV, I have three top moments from the game.

To begin, my top moment from Super Bowl XLIV was the Saints onside kicked to start the second half. As I watched the Saints kick the football, I thought that the Colts was going to win. But, when I saw that they recoverd the pigskin, I knew that they came to play. It was a risky call from the Coach, but they had to do it to win the game.

Also, another top moment was when the Colts stopped the Saints on 3rd and 4th down at the 1 yard line. I thought the Saints were going to score a touchdown, but they didn't make it. When I saw that the Colts stopped them on 4th down, I was shocked! The Saints should of kicked a field goal for three points instead of getting zero.

Last, my top moment was a snickers commerical, with the old woman and old man. The old woman and man was playing football with a group of young people. This commerical was very funny, and thats why many people like me enjoy them. As you can see, Super Bowl XLIV was full of amazing moments that will go down in the history books for ever. Even though, I was going for the Colts, I will always be an Eagles fan!

See you later Rushers,

NFLRush Reporter-Joseph

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