My Super Bowl Traditions

For the last few Super Bowls my dad and I have stayed up very late in to the morning to watch the game. As I live in the UK, and because of the time difference, for me the Super Bowl is at 11:30pm, so I go to bed at 6pm and then get up again for the game. After watching the game I still get about 4 hours in bed until I have to get up and ready for school.

Every year while we are sleeping, my sisters and my mom put out Super Bowl themed party food, including a football shaped cake. By the time we come downstairs for the game they've all gone to bed for the night.

I think this game will be close and the score will be something like 21-17 to the 49ers, even though I want the Ravens to win. My Super Bowl prediction was Falcons vs. Ravens and even though the Falcons got knocked out at the conference game I still want my other pick to win- so go Ravens!!


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  • Indianapolis Colts

    February 3, 2013

    wr50000 · draftee

    49ers vs raves 49ers 70 raves 0