February 19th, 2013

My Super Bowl Favs

Watching the San Francisco 49ers come back during the second half of the Super Bowl was so exciting. After the 34 minute power outage they played like they were inspired and even though they didn't take home the win, quarterback Colin Kaepernick, was a good sport at the end of the game.

I wasn't rooting for the Baltimore Ravens but their runback of 108 yards for a touchdown was probably my favorite play of the game and their unexpected safety play in the last 4 seconds of the game was a surprise. If anyone else out there was winning on a football square until those last 4 seconds, they would have probably also been a little upset like my parents with it changing the final score.

One of my favorite Super Bowl commercials this year was for the RAM Truck, 'So God Made a Farmer' which was very inspiring. Another one would be for Wonderful Pistachios with the Gangnam style dance! My family and I had a good laugh while watching it.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter



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