June 8th, 2012

My Favorite Player

My favorite player in the NFL is Victor Cruz. The reason is because of his hard work and the fact  that he never stops believing in himself.

Victor Cruz came from nowhere. After attending the University of Massachusetts, Victor went undrafted and then was signed by the New York Giants. That year in a pre season game vs. the Jets Cruz scored 3 touchdowns and had over 100 yards. He was only active for 3 games and then got hurt that year.

Then came 2011. After Steve Smith never got back to The Giants about their offer, he signed with the Philidelphia Eagles. That allowed Victor to make the Giant's team, and have a chance. He did not play well in the first game against Washington, but then came a game against the Eagles where he had 2 touchdowns.

During the span of the season, Cruz went from 4th option to becomning the Giants 2nd option after Hakeem Nicks. He had many huge plays last season including a 99 yard catch vs. the Jets on Christmas Eve.

He also had all of America doing his famous salsa touchdown dance by the end of the season!



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