June 12th, 2012

My Favorite Play From the 2011 NFL Season

I was at the Raiders game with my family and it was late in the second half of their home opener with the visiting New York Jets.

After surprising the Jets with a hurry-up offense that led to an opening-drive touchdown, Oakland had a problem with Rex Ryan's defense. The Jets had scored 17 consecutive points and seemed to be getting stronger; the 61,546 fans were getting more and more subdued.


Then, in a burst, Darren McFadden changed everything for a team in the process of finding itself.

After taking the handoff, McFadden slid to his left and bounced outside. In an instant, he cut upfield and accelerated into the secondary, shedding the Jets' attempted tackles and pulling away from fast-closing cornerback Antonio Cromartie.


Seventy yards later, D-Mac was in the end zone. Raider Nation was in a silver-and-black dreamland, as Oakland celebrated a 34-24 victory. That play definitely ranked as one of the best ever for me.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter