October 23rd, 2012

My Favorite Game

I have to say my favorite game from this weekend was the New York Jets vs. New England Patriots game. The game went into overtime, and overtime games are really exciting -- I get to watch more football! Even though I'm a Buffalo Bills fan, I liked watching this game, and I liked that the Patriots won because if the Jets had won, they would have had a big lead in the division.

Another reason I like this game is because I have Tom Brady and the Patriots defense for my NFLRUSH Fantasy team. Fantasy football rocks. It's really fun to watch the games that have my fantasy football players on it.

I like seeing the Patriots wear their old uniforms. My dad told me that those are called throwback uniforms. But the Patriots throwback uniform doesn't have a cool nickname like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs wore their old uniforms too, called the creamsicles. That's a long word, and it makes me laugh.

I hope you liked watching football this weekend too. Which game did you like watching the most?

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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