My Fantasy Team so Far

Hello NFLRUSHers! I want to tell you about my fantasy team so far, and also some tips on what to do.


In Week 1, Drew Brees and Tom Brady failed me and didn't produce what they are capable of. I had Arian Foster, though, and he kept my team alive for the week. The Houston Texans defense helped me too.


In Week 2, I took a chance on RGIII and it paid off. That was about the only thing that paid off, because the rest of my team stunk! I picked Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson and Tom Brady. RGIII and "Gronk" (Rob Gronkowski) kept me alive this week. My team isn't doing too well, but there is plenty of time to come back.


One of my fantasy tips is to watch the matchup before putting someone in. If you see that someone is really good, but they are playing a good defense, I would not start him. Go with safe picks, and don't pick someone because he is your favorite player.



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  • Kansas City Chiefs

    September 27, 2012

    patriottyper92 · rookie

    Im a Die Hard Kansas City Chiefs Fan...

  • Atlanta Falcons

    September 20, 2012

    suli502 · draftee

    My Fantasy team is doing pretty good!