September 14th, 2012

My Chargers Record Prediction

Week 1 is now in the books and I am very happy with the way the San Diego Chargers handled the Raiders on Game 2 of Monday Night Football. I think the Chargers will have a good year!


I am hoping for 11-5 and winning the AFC West. That record is assuming everyone stays healthy, otherwise it may be closer to 8-8 because I do believe there will be three extremely close games.

The toughest opponents I think we face are late in the year: Week 11 at Denver, although the Chargers have taken care of Peyton Manning and we are not afraid! The next is Week 12 against Baltimore -- after watching the Ravens' defense last Monday, they look great. The good thing is that game is at home for San Diego. Finally, Week 14 at Pittsburgh will be tough. We always have a hard time against the Steelers, and it will be a cold and possibly snowy day.

I am just happy that football is back, and I will be there on Sunday rooting for the Chargers to beat the Titans!


NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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