February 3rd, 2012

Milk and Madonna at the Super Bowl!

By Scholastic News Kid Reporter Grace Ybarra

On Thursday, I attended a press conference for the “Got Milk?” campaign hosted by Super Bowl champion and retired NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. Warner unveiled the new advertisement for “Got Milk?” during the press conference. The ad was a poster of Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker and Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks each pouring a jug of milk into a bowl of cereal wearing the classic “milkstache.”


Kurt Warner is the father of seven children, so he finds it extremely important that kids drink milk. At the grocery store, Kurt was given the nickname “Milk Man” because he buys around nine jugs of milk for his family each week.


Later in the day, I attended a press conference for Madonna. Madonna will be performing at the Super Bowl for the Bridgestone Halftime Performance. She answered questions in front of hundreds of media members. I was one of the fortunate 18 reporters that had the opportunity to ask Madonna not just one, but TWO questions.


“What is the craziest thing that you have seen in Indianapolis?” I asked.


The Material Girl, after a thoughtful pause, replied with, “Me!”


After a few chuckles, she gave me another chance at asking her a different question because she felt her answer wasn’t sufficient. On my second question, I asked her what she planned on doing in Indy. Madonna said that her kids really looked forward to going to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, which she had heard was great!


You can catch Madonna's Super Bowl performance on Sunday night on NBC.

Article courtesy of Scholastic News Kids Press Corps:  


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