June 13th, 2013

Memorable Detroit Lions Plays


As a Lions fan, it is difficult to say that I enjoyed watching my team for most of the year. However, there are a few plays that can be appreciated and can allow Detroit fans to be proud. Unfortunately, there are also many meltdowns which also lead to, although unpleasant, memorable plays. Here are my most memorable plays from the 2013 NFL season.


3. Stafford Throws Game Winning Touchdown Pass Against Seattle. This game determined whether or not Detroit could still hope for the playoffs. Of course, the Lions did not make the postseason, but it was still an exciting game ending with an exciting play. On 3rd & Goal with the game tied and regulation almost over, Matthew Stafford took the snap and quickly gunned the ball over to Titus Young who made the reception as he fell down. The Lions took the lead leaving too little time for the Seahawks to score again.


2. Andrew Luck's Final Play Touchdown Pass Against Detroit. As earlier stated, not all of these plays are pleasant to think about. Although it was already a lost season, and the Lions would have received a lower draft pick if they had won the game, it was still painful as a Detroit fan to see your team dominate the entire game, and then lose on literally the final play. It was a 4th & 10 with four seconds on the clock. A field goal was not going to help the Colts, so they had to go for it. Luck was able to scramble out of the pocket and toss it to a wide open receiver who walked into the end zone for a touchdown. It looked like the Lions were going to win most of the game, but they found a way to blow it.


1. Stafford Throws Game Winning Touchdown on Opening Day. This play is so memorable for me personally because it was the first game I had ever gone to and I was sitting only a few rows behind the Lion's endzone. I could not have asked for it to be a better game. I really wanted the Lions to win since it was the first game I was actually at, so it was a little scary having it come so close. But the greater good prevailed, and my friends and I were ecstatic at the end. Of course, the exciting opening day led to a disappointing season, but it was still a game I will never forget.





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