February 6th, 2013

Megacore Tip: Train to Win

Get the best hints and tips to defend the NFLRZ against Wild Card and his evil Blitz Bot armies.  Today we look at Training: How to train, and why it’s so important.

As you and your Rusherz fight Battles and complete Missions, your team will gain Experience (XP).  When your Rusherz have enough XP, you can train them in your Locker Room. You can do this anytime outside combat by clicking the “Locker” button, selecting your Rusher on the “My Team” tab, and clicking the “Train” button.

Keeping your Rusherz trained up is very important because:

  • They’ll be ready to handle tougher Blitz Botz.
  • Your Rusherz will unlock new, stronger powers as they gain levels.

You’ll need both Grid Iron and TDs to train your Rusherz, and they’ll need to spend time training in the Locker Room before you can use them again in a Battle. The countdown timer in the Locker Room will tell you how much training time is left.

You will also level up, but unlike your Rusherz, you don’t need to spend time in the Locker Room training––you’re learning on the job!


Now you're ready to dominate training. Jump into the Megacore and play now!

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