April 4th, 2013

Megacore Tip: Friends are Coming Soon
Greetings, Guardians. Welcome to the Megacore Tip of the Week!  In this weekly column, we give you the latest news and advice to help you and your Rusher Team beat Wild Card’s latest schemes.  If you haven’t played Megacore yet, follow the link at the end of this article to join the fight!
This week, we’ve got a couple of details on a feature that will be coming out in the next few months: the Megacore Social System.  You’ll soon be able to invite your friends to play Megacore and be part of your team!
With your Friends on your Guardian team, you’ll be able to visit their headquarters to request supplies, and you’ll also be able to send and receive free Gifts every day!  You’ll be able to send and earn everything from Trick Play Kit equipment like Burst Charges and Med-Packs, to Grid Iron and TDs, and even Energy to help you and your Friends get back to fighting Blitz Botz more quickly!
We’re looking forward to giving your more details on this exciting feature as we get closer to making it Live.  Until then, best of luck to you and all your Guardian Friends, and keep fighting the good fight!  And if you haven’t jumped in to play Megacore yet, you can follow this link right here to join the battle against Wild Card and foil his plans!

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