March 8th, 2013

Megacore Pro Tip: Stock Up on Key Items

This week we’ll be talking about the Store, where you can buy special items to make your team and your Guardian stronger and tougher. If you haven’t already joined in on the Megacore action, follow the link at the end of the article to take the fight to Wild Card and his Blitz Botz!You can get to the Store from the Hall of Knowledge or the Mission Map by clicking the “Store” button in the bottom-left of the screen. The Store is divided into three sections: Weapons, Uniforms, and Supplies.


The Weapons section will sell you attacks your Guardian can use to fight Blitz Botz. More Weapons will unlock as your Guardian rises in level - keep checking back every time you level for stronger attacks, or weapons that will let you hit more than one Blitz Bot at a time!


The Uniforms section will sell you different Guardian uniforms, to change the look of your Guardian and make him tougher and stronger. Did you know that each Uniform will change your Guardian’s stats in different ways? Check the info pane on the right when you’re looking at a Uniform to see what Guardian stats it’ll increase if you wear it.


Any Rusher or Guardian can use Supplies items to heal your team or damage your enemies. As you level up your Guardian, you’ll get access to stronger Offense supplies and First Aid items that heal up your Hit Points and Endurance even more. The right item at the right time can completely turn a bad battle around – stock up whenever you can!


If you haven’t jumped in to play Megacore yet, you can follow this link right here to join the battle against Wild Card and foil his plans!

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