March 14th, 2013

Megacore Pro Tip: A New Feature is Coming
Hey, Guardians!  Welcome back to this edition of the Megacore Tip of the Week!
This week we’ll be talking about a “Coming Soon” feature for Megacore, Character Classes.  If you haven’t already joined in on the Megacore action, follow the link at the end of the article to take the fight to Wild Card and his Blitz Botz!
By now, you’ve probably seen that all of the Blitz Botz, the Rusherz, and even your Guardian have what’s called a “class” assigned to them – Avenger, Vanguard, Stalker, Sentinel, Renegade, or Guardian.  Very soon, we’ll be adding special features for each of these classes that make them more powerful and gives them special abilities when they face a class they’re strong against!
These special abilities can be anything from taking less damage from certain classes and doing more damage to them, to receiving combat buffs, making counter-attacks against someone who hit you, or even getting free attacks!
You’ll need to be careful, though – the Blitz Botz will sometimes get these same special abilities if they’re matched up against a Rusher or Guardian class they’re strong against!  You’ll need to balance your team and bulk out your Team Roster to rise to the challenge and be able to take on whatever Wild Card’s goons throw at you.
The Character Class update will be coming soon, so stayed tuned to the Tip of the Week article and the weekly Megacore chats for more info!  If you haven’t jumped in to play Megacore yet, you can follow this link right here to join the battle against Wild Card and foil his plans!

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