January 17th, 2013

Meet Hunter, the NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid!

Hunter was just announced as the NFL's PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest winner -- he was chosen for his commitment to NFL PLAY 60, being active and eating healthy! Here is the experience from Hunter's eyes!


My name is Hunter, and I am the NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid! My favorite team is the Washington Redskins. As part of my prize from the NFL, the Redskins invited me to where they practice in Ashburn,VA. When I first arrived, I was looking at the Super Bowl trophies. Alfred Morris came over and started talking to me. I said, “You are on my fantasy team on NFLRUSH.”

He said “How did I do for you?” and I said “You got me into the Playoffs!” 


I was then taken over to the bubble where they practice. My brother Brandon and I raced across the field. The Redskins arrived and I got to help special teams and the punt returners practice. I was very happy and then  RGIII walked in and asked if I wanted to throw the ball with him. I got to play football just like the Redskins.  I even ran in to the camera man!


I then had to go back to the Redskins building for an interview for Redskins Nation. And then I got a tour of the building. I got to see the workout room, the equipment room, the player's lounge, medical room and their locker room. I even got to go to Dan Snyder’s office and talk to him. He told me his kids said I was the most awesome kid in the world. 


Before lunch all the Redskins came running down the stairs. The first Redskin I seen was Brandon Banks. Chris Cooley stopped to talk and he gave me his gloves right off his hands. I was so happy I forgot to get them autographed. Well I did get Alfred Morris, London Fletcher, Santana Moss, Stephen Bowen, Mike Shanahan, and Brandon Meriweather’s autograph on my Redskins helmet that I brought with me. Then RGIII walked down the stairs and started to talk to me. He gave me his glove and signed it. He also signed my jersey. He was awesome and very nice. 


I went to go have lunch in the Redskins cafeteria and London Fletcher came and sat  down with me and my family. We had lunch and then the Redskins gave me some really cool gifts. I got a book bag filled with stuff and at the bottom there were Redskins vs. Cowboys tickets to the home game that decided if we were going to the playoffs! We went that Sunday and the Redskins won!  We became the NFC East Champions. Hail to the Redskins! It was a very cool experience. 



NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid