May 1st, 2014

Manziel Mania - Where Will He Go?

Quarterback Johnny Manziel is the most polarizing prospect in this year’s draft.  Some scouts love his energy and ability to make big plays, while others think he won’t be able to survive the rigors of playing QB in the NFL and question his maturity.


Star NFL QBs are hard to find, though, so *someone* is going to take a shot at Manziel for sure.




Cleveland Browns

The Browns released QB Brandon Weeden in the offseason so they are likely to take another shot at finding a franchise QB.  Will they pull the trigger with the 4th pick? 

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders added QB Matt Schaub in the offseason, which would give Manziel an excellent tutor as he learns the nuances of the NFL game.  Manziel’s rebel image would make him an instant fan favorite.  


Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are in desperate need of a quality quarterback so you have to figure they will grab one with their first pick.  The only question being which one will they take?  Some thinkBlake Bortles is a safer choice but a backfield of Manziel and Adrian Peterson could be dynamite!


St. Louis Rams

Some are questioning whether current Rams QB Sam Bradford can be a truly great NFL QB.  With two choices in the first round, the Rams might be in the mood to gamble on Manziel and then bring him along slowly as he learns behind Bradford.


Dallas Cowboys

Okay, this might sound crazy but hear us out.  Johnny Manziel is already the number one googled athlete in the state of Texas. Dallas has a reputation for making big splashy moves, can you just imagine Manziel staying in state and someday starting at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?  Yeah, it would be epic! 

Where will Johnny Manziel go?

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