June 12th, 2012

Manning or Manning?

If you never'll never know....


Hey fans, wouldn't it be great to be "Like Manning"? Oh, you ask "which one"? In this case, EITHER!!!

You know you hear of having a football family but this is not your ordinary talent. Two brothers, two great quarterbacks. Through high school, college and the NFL, I believe these are by far two of the best QB's the NFL has seen. The knowledge, poise and leadership they bring to their teams is awesome.


Yes, I hate seeing Peyton go to Denver but I believe he will bring some greatness to a team that needs new direction. Always a Colts fan, always a Manning, I'm just ready for football season!

My dream is to have either one of these guys give me some pointers on the game and to have the opportunity to snap the ball to them.

As for my Colts....Good luck Luck!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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