May 10th, 2012


Some dream of becoming, some stay awake and become!


Hey fans, sorry it has been awhile. I have been recovering from surgery but I WILL be ready the play before football season....Yeah!

I am really pumped up about my Colts getting Andrew Luck. It will be weird not watching Peyton out there but Luck is going to be the next NFL favorite. When watching his interviews he reminded me of Peyton, how he has his funny, quirky remarks just like some of the "Manning" commercials. He is also similar to Peyton in his way of playing out on the field. Andrew will fit in just fine. It will definately be different watching Peyton play for Denver and having Luck in Indy.

Luck going before Griffin in the Draft I believe was the right call, at least for Indy.

The worst thing about the just makes it harder to wait for the season to start!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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