September 13th, 2012

Let's Go Colts!

Ok fans, I hope everyone enjoyed opening weekend as much as I did. Even though my Indianapolis Colts lost, it was still fun!

With the loss to the Chicago Bears this past weekend, I am hoping my team saw what they needed to change up a little on the line. Their defensive line started out great with an interception for a touchdown, but then it was a struggle after that.


Andrew Luck (Happy Birthday on the 13th to him, which is my sister's birthday too!) showed both good and bad, but for a rookie in his first game, I think we have a great quarterback developing. Luck shows no fear out there and is very comfortable in the pocket. Now we just need the offensive line to protect him.

The Colts have so much potential -- I do believe it will be a great year for them! I also wish my Peyton the best out there in Denver.

NFL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week, I wish you ALL luck...



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