December 16th, 2010

Kody's Pick for NFL MVP

Hi Everyone: I can't believe we're talking about MVP's already! This season has gone by so fast. I have had a tough time deciding who should be the MVP. I think it comes down to three quarterbacks.


1. Michael Vick of the Eagles - He can sure make the big plays with his arm and his legs. He is a huge reason that the Eagles are doing so well.


2. Tom Brady of New England – There are no words to describe how much he means to this team. Without him, they wouldn't be where they are.


And last but not least because he's my home town hero…


3.  Philip Rivers of the Chargers – He would be my choice. He is so fiery and competitive that until that final second ticks off, he never gives up! I don't think he gets all the credit he deserves.

Who is your MVP for the Season?

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