September 27th, 2013

Kid Reporters: Trent Richardson in Indy

The Trent Richardson trade was one of the worst moves in the last 5 years. I am a huge Trent Richardson fan and a large supporter but I am positive it is not the right move.


The third overall pick needs some waiting, he is only a sophomore who was hurt for 3/4 of his rookie campaign. The Browns shouldn't have used the third overall pick on a back. The 6th rounder Morris and the 30th overall pick David Wilson have shown more production.


Another reason is that it is only two or three weeks into the season so making a blockbuster deal this early was a mistake for both sides. The Colts, however made the dumbest decision. Andrew Luck needs protection and Trent Richardson is not a tackle or a guard. He is getting sacked too often causing the drives on offense to shorten.


A first round pick! They are willing to give a first round pick with a draft that looks pretty good for a back that hasn't developed and isn't showing much potential. GRADE F MOVE for both franchises.

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