December 2nd, 2013

Kid Reporters: Saints vs. Panthers


There is a big matchup next Sunday with the New Orleans Saints vs. the Carolina Panthers. This is going to be a great NFC matchup with two high power offenses colliding on the field. Who ever wins this matchup will most likely win the NFC South, so this is a big game for these teams.


The keys for winning this game for both teams is to get out to an early lead. If Carolina lets the Saints get out ahead and let the crowd into this game, they are toast. Yet if the Saints let the Panthers get out ahead, there is no way they can fight back with the shutdown defense the Panthers are playing.


So in my opinion, I think the Panthers will come out on top in this one. The Panthers have won eight games in a row and Cam Newton is having a Pro Bowl season and doesn't look like anyone is beating them. Also the Panthers defense has been playing lights out and they are just the better team. In the comments write your opinion of who will win, signing out is George P.


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