December 5th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Yes or No 2


Hello and welcome to YES OR NO I'm Evan R. and today we are going to talk about Matt Flynn and Aaron Rodgers. Should Rodgers try to save their season or are they going to put Matt Flynn in and let it go to waste? If the Packers don't win this weekend their season is most likely over. You decide in the comments on the side saying yes or no to the question. Yes means put Rodgers in and no means throw their season away with Flynn. You decide in the comments on the right side of the screen. So I'm going to put my opinion below on what the Packers should do.

My Opinion:
I think the Packers should try to save their season with Rodgers because: the season isn't over yet. They have a small chance of making it to the play-offs and you might as well try. If they get a loss then they should bench Rodgers and save him for next season. But for Packers fans like me PLEASE don't start Matt Flynn!

This was yes or no 2 I hope you enjoyed it! I'm Evan and I'm signing out!




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