February 2nd, 2016

Kid Reporter Xavier and Mateo: A Sibling Super Bowl Face Off
Now that we know who will face each other in Super Bowl 50, it is time for some good, old fashioned, friendly sibling rivalry!

 I have been a Denver Broncos fan for a few years. Peyton Manning is the best quarterbacks, in my opinion. This might be his last game and what a way to end an awesome career than with a win at Super Bowl 50. He doesn't give up or give in. To me, that is a leader and someone for students to look up to as a hero. I'll be wearing orange and blue as I cheer on the mighty Broncos!

-Kid Reporter Mateo, Summit Ambassador

My brother has been a Broncos fan forever. I happen to like the Green Bay Packers. However in this Super Bowl, I will be rooting for the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton is a really good quarterback. He completed 19 of 28 passes for 335 yards in the playoffs. He had two touchdowns, and only one interception. He rushed 10 times for 47 yards and then had two more touchdowns. What a great game and look at that score, 49-15.

If his team can continue to perform that well, there is no doubt that the victory will be theirs in Super Bowl 50! I will be donning my Panther colors and cheering them on to a crushing win!

-Kid Reporter Xavier

Which sibling do you agree with?

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