January 19th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Why Leave Now?


My hometown and favorite team, the Cincinnati Bengals recently lost a commodity. Both their offense and defense coordinators left to become head coach for other teams in the NFL. This is definitely going to hurt the Bengals. Most noteably, the Bengals defense has been amongst the best in the league for several years. I have heard in interviews these guys adored and would do anything for Coach Zimmer. They said the guys would do anything for him. The Viking guys will be getting a good coach. Zimmer was great at rallying his players and reading the offense of the other team. His defense guys put the Cincinnati offense on the field to make plays and stopped their opponent. He also was very good at picking up other player and having them ready for one of his top guys went out hurt. This year he had to replace key guys like Maualuga and was successful while his keys players were hurt. Looking forward to see his coaching with Peterson who is such a great player.

The Redskins and RGIII will benefit from the gain of Jay Gruden. He is a great offensive coordinator. He took a young quarterback and receivers and made them a dominant force on the field. With the talent of RGIII and Gruden next year should be fun to watch.

As for my team, the Bengals, I want to see them keep building on what they have and get further in the playoffs and hopefully go to the Super Bowl.

Go Bengals.

How are they going to do ?




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