January 3rd, 2014

Kid Reporter: Who will win? Packers vs. 49ers


Hello I'm Evan R. and today I'm going to talk about a major game for both the Packers and 49ers. They have faced each other two seasons which was three games and 49ers have won all of them. I think the Packers are going to win because they have faced Collin Kaepernick two times and have probably found him out by now. Now I'm going to tell you what the Packers need to do if they are to win and advance in the playoffs.

Step 1: Get to Collin Kaepernick
They need to get pressure on Collin to make him uncomfortable in the pocket or anywhere else. So they should put a QB spy in there to guard him from running.
Step 2: Don't throw to one receiver all the time.
If you throw to one receiver they will intercept the ball and that's the last thing they need in this game.
Step 3: Be physical with the 49ers
I realize when you make the 49ers mad they play worse. If they get physical with them they will get angry and play terrible the Packers will win.

This is what the Packers have to do to win this game. This is Evan and I'm signing out!




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