December 27th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Who Will Be At Metlife Stadium?

Hey fans, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and the NFL Santa was good to you!

So, we are now setting up for the road to the Super Bowl. Personally, I expect the number one teams of Seattle and Denver to be there. I know there is usually an upset during playoffs to where one of them gets knocked out but I really don't think that will be this year.


BUT, if my Colts keep it up....they could easily be playing in their first Super Bowl without Peyton. They beat the Broncos once...would love to see a repeat of that game. I have to say that the other two teams that may make an upset would be the Patriots or Saints. No matter what it's going to be fun watching the battle!

 Until next time...don't forget to get your PLAY 60






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