October 3rd, 2013

Kid Reporter: Who Can Beat the Broncos?


The heartbreaking loss to the Ravens last post season closed the books on Denver's Super Bowl dreams. However, this year they have the potential to turn the tables. Quarterback Peyton Manning has looked even better than Tom Brady in 2007 when he went 16-0. And with the talent around him the future looks bright, the real question is are the Broncos good enough to go undefeated without getting bucked off the top?

Can the Texans knock off the Broncos?
The Texans have shown that they can start but not finish a game. In last week's game against the Seahawks they led 20-6 but then failing to finish the job by giving up 17 points to loose 23-20. They play at the Broncos at home which will give them some help but they are out matched by a team who just has more talent.

Can the Patriots knock off the Broncos?
The Patriots might be 4-0, but it could be by default. They have played teams who have not found their identity yet and have put up low points. You might think the Broncos vs. Patriots matchup is even because it's in Foxboro where the Patriots like their chances, but again, the Pats will be out-matched by Denver's offense.

Can the Chiefs knock off the Broncos?
This matchup will be interesting because the Chiefs will have two chances to knock off the Broncos. It will be hard for the Broncos to beat the Chiefs at home. They are like the Seahawks at home, they are very good. If the Chiefs can play at the level they are now they could have a chance to shock people and beat the Broncos.

Will there be any surprises?
There are a couple teams that could prove a challenge to the Broncos, such as the Titans, Colts, Chargers, and Cowboys. The Titans just came off of a game where they blew out the Jets. The Colts scored big by winning in Week 2 against the 49ers. The Chargers shocked the Cowboys in Week 3. And the Cowboys embarrassed the Rams in Week 2. These teams have all had good games so far and there is a chance one of them gets close to beating the Broncos.

The Broncos are talented but they have not played teams worthy of winning a division. They will win crucial games but will be shocked by the Chiefs to miss 16-0 and settle for 15-1.


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