November 4th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Were You Surprised by The Record of Nick Foles?


Nick Foles did surprise me by tieing this record for most touchdown passes thrown in a game. This is unusual seeing a second string quarterback come in and tieing a passing record for the NFL. You would think it would be an all-star quarterback like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers.


Nick Foles strengths are obviously passing and he isn't so hesitant in the pocket. He isn't a fast quarterback which makes the difference between him, and Michael Vick. That is why I don't think he deserves to start because Vick has great passing game, but he can also get out of the pocket when it starts to collapse. I do think Vick will come back and display his talents. He always been able to do that. I think Vick has been considered a good quarterback throughout his years. In conclusion, this is my in take on the Eagles and what should happen in the quarterback depth chart.




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