May 23rd, 2014

Kid Reporter: Watkins to the Bills


If someone asked you who do you think of when you here the words Best NFL wide receivers, you'd probably think of Calvin Johnson, Jerry Rice, or maybe even Dez Bryant. But we just finished one of the deepest wide receiver drafts in NFL history and that list could change soon. With 33 total receivers taken in the draft and a new record of 12 receivers taken in the first two rounds, many teams now have good depth at wide receiver. But to me there's only one receiver who is an instant starter for his team and that's Sammy Watkins.

Watkins went to school at Clemson and has everything an elite wide receiver needs to succeed. He's a playmaker with good speed and size. He's been a starter at Clemson and has faced the toughest teams in the ACC. Now that the Bills have drafted him and he has replaced Stevie Johnson who they traded to the 49ers, Watkins has a chance to be a dominant rookie. In the division, my Jets are struggling in the secondary, the Dolphins who have resigned Brent Grimes, and the Patriots who fixed up the Aquib Talib loss by acquiring Darelle Revis and Brandon Browner. Against the Patriots, Sammy could struggle but against the Jets and Dolphins he could be productive. The Bills also play the NFC North with the Bears and Packers, all with solid defenses. Despite all the match ups I think he can win rookie of the year because of his toughness and determination. He could be a huge threat for any defense in college football and any professional team. So now that E.J Manuel has Watkins on his team, hopefully they can end the Bills playoff drought in the now competitive AFC East.


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