September 19th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Vick Soars

Finally the much anticipated 2013 NFL season is here! Most of the off-season I was talking about how physical and promising teams and players could be. But there have been both surprises and disappointments so far this season. One surprise is that everyone expected the Steelers, Redskins, Giants, and Buccaneers to have a chance to make a run for the playoffs but they all have started off 0-2.


One disappointment would be that RG3 does not look ready to lead his team to victory until he can show he’s fully back to his old self.


But who really surprised me in Week 1 was Michael Vick. I never really thought of him as top quarterback, but Michael Vick has demonstrated that he can and will be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL. When I watched him play against the Redskins it looked like he had been playing with Chip Kelly for years. He was on target and kept the offense fast as they scored 33 points against Redskins and 30 against the Chargers. Also when he needed more help on offense, LeSean McCoy would turn a 5-yard play into a 15 yarder.


Another thing I noticed was that he was more accurate throwing for four touchdowns and no interceptions in the first 2 games. Last season he struggled with his accuracy and ran around the pocket too often, which led to sacks and fumbles. This year he still runs out of the pocket, but this is part of the fast tempo offense the Eagles run. Vick now is making more plays because defense players are tired due to the fast tempo of the offense.  Overall, Michael Vick looks like one of the more improved players in the NFL and is turning into one of the top quarterbacks. If Michael Vick can continue what he’s doing, both he and the Eagles are in for a big season.


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