February 29th, 2016

Kid Reporter Tyler: Get Active with NFL FLAG Football!
If you like a sport anyone can play, NFL FLAG is a fun way to get active. Football is an interesting sport, but this brings football to another level.

FLAG football is not only for younger kids, even high school students play. Many of my friends couldn’t play on the football team. They wondered how to get back to playing the game they love, so they found NFL FLAG. It is amazing to see how many people play the game.

I do not play on a football team, but I had the opportunity to play with and against NFL players in FLAG football at the 2014 and 2015 Student Ambassador Summits. They may have been good, but I was better! It feels amazing to run and catch a ball and compete with friends on the other team.

Go outside and play FLAG football with your friends, it encourages you to get better ideas and improve your thinking process with physical activity.

So go outside with some friends and play catch or a game in your backyard, you and your friends will really enjoy it!

-Kid Reporter Tyler

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