August 6th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Treasures of Training Camp: Blake Bortles
There is one player that is standing out but the attention isn't all on him. 22 year old Quarterback Blake Bortles. In his college days back at the University of Central Florida, Blake was First Team All-ACC and led UCF to a victory in the Fiesta Bowl. Some may question if Bortles is ready for the League. If Blake could have entered the Draft pool next year, he could have fixed his weaknesses and fine tuned his game in college. The Jacksonville Jaguars didn't think he needed to. The Jags had the advantage over any team, in regards to scouting Bortles. The Jaguars are situated very close to UCF. They were confident in him, sooner or later Bortles was a Jacksonville Jaguar. In last years Draft, many people questioned the pick and were not so confident in the UCF Quarterback. I think this training camp has proved them wrong. We obviously won't be 100% sure of Blake's abilities until he steps foot on a NFL field every Sunday. In camp he has been practicing with the first team, taking reps as the starter and showing his abilities. He can do it all. For the most part, he can rush. Bortles rushed for 272 yards in 87 attempts. He can be a smart passer. Bortles had a QB rating of 163.4. This camp, he has been showing off his talents. I believe that this kid can really make an impact in the NFL.

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