May 11th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Thoughts on 2014 NFL draft?


The draft this year was an overall success. Many good players that showed up big time in college got drafted and were put in pretty good positions as far as teams if you ask me. There were a couple of surprises in the rounds that some players got picked such as AJ McCarron and Aaron Murray. They went in the 2nd round which was pretty late. These were two of the best quarterbacks in college last year. This draft compares to other is both positive and negative ways. It compares to other drafts in a negative way because some of the better players were drafted very late and low in the draft while others drafted really good players towards the beginning. The positive thing is that the draft picks that came through this year don't seem like they'll be a bust in the NFL. Most of them seem like they'll have a successful season wherever they play. This is my take on the 2014 NFL draft.


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