Kid Reporter: The Wild Wild AFC West


As we enter Week 9 of the NFL season, there is one division that really stands out, The AFC West.

The divison is so good, that if the playoffs started today, the Denver Broncos at 7-1 would be a Wild Card Team. Did anyone think that the Chiefs would be 8-0? However, the division is still up for grabs. The Broncos and the Chiefs face each other twice -- in Denver on November 17 and in Kansas City on December 1. It is hard to predict who will win these games, however I think they split with each home team winning. At this point, the division is still a toss up, with the team loosing the division a shoe in for a Wild Card spot.

The big question is who will be the other wild card in the AFC. With the Dolphins getting a safety Thursday night to win the game, it throws them right in the mix after losing four games in a row. At 4-4 the Jets are still in the hunt as are the Ravens, Chargers, Titans and even the Raiders. It should be a great second half of the season and particularly in the Wild Wild AFC West.





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  • New York Giants

    November 4, 2013

    Jakeinla · rookie

    Good article

  • Baltimore Ravens

    November 3, 2013

    jsarav · draftee


  • Denver Broncos

    November 1, 2013

    broncos0018 · rookie

    the wild wild afc west what a story I say that the broncos win both games winning their first one at Denver by a couple points and winning their second one at Kansas city by double digits.