October 14th, 2013

Kid Reporter: The Vikings QB Situation


The Vikings have a lot of decent quarterbacks on their roster that can all be starters for other teams. One is Josh Freeman, who they just got from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was a starter there but now is the third string on the Vikings because of all the turnovers or missed throws in Tampa Bay. The Vikings second string quarterback is Christian Ponder. He was a good starter once on the Vikings but then lost his job to a former quarterback from the Kansas City Chiefs, Matt Cassel. Matt is now the starting quarterback for the Vikings. The reason he came to Minnesota was because the San Francisco 49ers dropped Alex Smith and the Chiefs got him and replaced Cassel. Matt Cassel is not doing bad in Minnesota and I think it is good that he is starting. In my opinion, I think they should trade one of their quarterbacks to a team who needs one like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Minnesota is doing a good job on improving their passing game. 



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