December 27th, 2013

Kid Reporter: The Rivalry Game of the Season

Hello I'm Evan R. and today I'm going to talk about the Bears and the Packers game. Who will win the matchup, will Rodgers get his redemtion and who will clinch the division? I'm going to predict who will win in this exciting matchup!

These are my predictions:

Packers will win 20-17 because: this game will be a low scoring game because both defenses have to play great. The Packers have their leader back and should do decent damage to the Bears defense. The Packers defense plays good when they have a leader. Even though they lost Clay Matthews to a broken thumb, they have another leader back which should lead them back to victory.

This is why I think the Packers will win the game and clinch the division. I'm Evan R. and I'm signing out!




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