December 27th, 2013

Kid Reporter:The Hot Eagles Flying NFC East

This weekend is the NFC East Championship Game. The division may have started off rough, but the last couple weeks have been fairly decent. As the morning began with Tony Romo recieving surgery on his back, the Cowboys will need to go to their backup QuarterBack, former Broncos starter Kyle Orton. That downgrades their chances of victory going forward, with the franchise player on IR. Giving the fact that they must resort to Orton, the Eagles division title chances are looking very good.


The edge at every position is in Phillys favor. Nick Foles is much better than Kyle Orton has been, Foles turned out to be very skilled at his position. I believe the running back position is a no brainer. LeSean McCoy is a animal on the field and a great back. I also think that the 2-back for the Eagles, Bryce Brown is also better the Demarco Murray of Dallas. Dallas must rely on the run game to stand a chance against the high flying Eagles. Their defense will be ready for Murray, and the Cowboys run game.


Dallas defense has truly struggled this year. They let Eddie Lacy run all over them in Green Bay. Also, they have had some injuries they dealt with, such as Sean Lee and the inconsistency of D-Ware on the outside. It will be unlikely that the High-Powered Offense of Philidelphia will be shut down by Dallas' D. I believe it is likely that you will see a playoff trip for 1st year head coach Chip Kelly and his Eagles.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter