October 10th, 2014

Kid Reporter: The Game of Football is Being Redefined Once Again
Every 10 years or so there have been game changing players who redefine their position. But, there are not many players who have redefined the game of football. The last one might not have been a player, but a team. About 5 to 6 years ago the Miami Dolphins started running wildcat formation which eventually evolved into the pistol offense today. Now a player is changing the game by himself, and that man is J.J. Watt. Ever since he was drafted 11th out of Wisconsin he has been dynamite for the Texans and the League. Last year he took his game to the next level by swatting every pass down that came his way. His media attention went through the roof with slogans like "swat like Watt" or "J.J. Swat". Even through all of this, Watt had never scored a touchdown until week 2 against the Raiders when he caught a 1 yard touchdown from Ryan Fitzpatrick on offense. He followed that up in week 4 with a pick 6. Then, in week 6 he recovered a fumble becoming one of very few defenses players to catch a touchdown pass, have an interception returned and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. The first to do in over 40 years. J.J. Watt is really changing the game of football. Maybe next week he will be returning punts!

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