October 25th, 2013

Kid Reporter: The Colts are for Real


This week, the Colts were featured against the Broncos and Peyton Manning went back to Indy for the first time since his big move to Denver. Many people, including me, thought that the Broncos would win and maintain their perfect record. Andrew Luck and the Colts had other ideas. They played really hard and pulled off a win even after their best receiver went down.


I think that the Colts defense did a good job in coverage to really keep Peyton limited. Their secondary was key to their victory. Also, Andrew Luck threw the ball really well and he cut up the Denver secondary. The receivers behind Wayne really had to step up and they did, especially Coby Fleener who had a TD catch. I think that if the Colts can play like this every week they are going to be a serious playoff contender, even without Wayne. Their defense is solid and they have a powerful offensive attack. So watch out for the Colts this year, because you might just see them on the NFL's biggest stage.





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