May 16th, 2014

Kid Reporter: The Best WR


There were many wide receivers that came out of this years draft, yet the one who really stood out was Sammy Watkins who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills. Sammy Watkins was one of the most athletic players who had entered the combine this year. With a 34 inch vertical and a 4.3 forty yard dash, Watkings definitely stands out from the rest of the wide receivers. He had one of the best years a player could ask for during his last year playing at Clemson. He hauled in over 100 catches and averaged 14.5 yards per catch. To top that off he had 12 touchdowns, one of the most by a wide receiver that was drafted. Now the Bills have added another great athletic player to add with EJ Manuel and CJ Spiller. I hate to say this being a Jets fan but you better watch out for the Bills.


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