December 13th, 2013



I did enjoy watching the NFL players playing football outside in the snow. When teams were playing it sometimes makes it difficult to see the ball. The Philadelphia vs. Detroit game Sunday started off with a lot of snow, but also came down heavy in the 4th quarter, making it hard to see. I'd say that Detroit is the team that had the most impressive performance given the weather, with two kicks that were able to be run back, but they could not manage to pull out a win. Matt Stafford only threw for 148 yards passing, which you would expect in the snow and Calvin Johnson only had 49 yards receiving.

After last week's 40-10 win over the Packers, I certainly expected more from the Lions this game, but LeSean McCoy of the Eagles had a breakout game and trounced the Lions defense. McCoy was able to beat Steve Van Buren's team record for rushing, 217 yards in a game. It looks like the Eagles are going to make the playoffs but the Lions are going to need to win more games to be eligible to play after the regular season.





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