July 26th, 2013

Kid Reporter: The Best New Uniform Changes



This year three teams have broken out new uniforms. The Jaguars, Vikings, and the Dolphins. Which team's new uniforms is the best?


Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars helmet is hands down the best in the NFL. On the front of the helmet it is black and on the back the black fades into gold. Also on the helmet they have one of the coolest logos, in my opinion.



The uniform is black with teal shoulders. I personally think that the uniform would have looked much cooler if they had the shoulders gold instead of teal. The Jaguars new uniforms are amazing.


Miami Dolphins: One big change for the Dolphins new uniforms are the numbers. The numbers have a orange shadow behind them.



Also another big change is the logo. The logo now looks like a real dolphin. The Dolphins uniforms are making a splash!


Minnesota Vikings: My favorite part about the Vikings new uniforms is that they are much simpler then the old uniforms. The uniforms are purple with two horizontal stripes on the sleeves.


Which of these uniforms is the best? Which do you think? Vote below!






Which new uniform is the best?

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