Kid Reporter: Surprising Teams

I think the most surprisingly good team this year is the Philadelphia Eagles. I would have said the Carolina Panthers, but here's why I didn't: We already knew that Cam Newton was a good player.


Nick Foles is new, though. With 19 touchdowns, 1,791 yards, and a 125.2 passer rating with no interceptions, Foles has definitely taken the football world by surprise. When he threw for seven touchdown passes against the Raiders, I knew that Foles was a special player. In the first half alone, he threw for 250 yards. Since their 3-5 start, the Eagles have won four straight with Foles. This mixed with LeSean McCoy rushing for 1,088 yards and five touchdowns, the Eagles are really starting to soar!





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  • Carolina Panthers

    December 8, 2013

    moin · draftee

    well bears will beat eagles