February 1st, 2014

Kid Reporter: Super Bowl XLVIII Thoughts


This Super Bowl will be one of the best ever. This Super Bowl will not be as close as everyone thought. I don't feel that the weather will be a huge factors however the Legion of Boom will be a factor. The key matchup will be Demaryius Thomas and Richard Sherman. Both stand at 6'3" but DT has about 40 pounds on Sherman and is a stronger player overall. With the way Denver's D has been playing, Marshawn Lynch won't be a huge impact. The key impacts on Seattle will be Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner and the Legion of Boom. The key parts on Denver will be their defensive line (Shaun Phillips and Terrence Knighton), obviously Peyton Manning, Danny Trevathan, and the skilled receiving core. The positional breakdown is as follows:
Peyton Manning > Russell Wilson
With the way Denver's defense has played, Knowshon Moreno=Marshawn Lynch
Denver's Receivers > Seattle's Recievers
Denver's Offensive Line > Seattle's Offensive Line
Denver's D Line > Seattle's D Line
Denver's Linebackers > Seattle's Linebackers
Denver's Secondary < Legion of Boom
Special Teams:
Matt Prater > Steve Hauschka
Britton Colquitt > Jon Ryan
Denver's Return > Seattle's Return

Denver has historically the best offense in NFL history and Seattle just has the season's best defense. On paper, the game doesn't look close and how each team has been playing, it won't be that close. Denver will win 38-13. MVP will be Peyton Manning with 300+ yards and 2+ touchdowns.




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